Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back East in the Big Cities

What fun! I got to spend my birthday (August 27) weekend in Manhattan with two of my daughters, Melissa & Maria. Believe me, whenever I have a chance to spend time with any of my daughters, I jump on it. I adjust my writing schedule (which lends itself to flexibility) if it allows me to schedule a quick visit. So, this weekend was a special treat. Pictured at right is just a photo shot of a typical NYC cafe w/outside tables. Since the weather was great all weekend, Melissa, Maria & I had ample opportunites to sit outside and dine al fresco or simply enjoy a drink & appetizers.

We also took an early morning walk through Central Park, which is beautiful, in case you've never strolled through it. And since all three of us work out every day, we made our early morning walk our "workout" for the day. Maria had already made reservations for my birthday dinner, and it was wonderful. We were at a cafe near Union Square on their terrace. And Maria had an after-dinner treat that was even better than the fattening dessert we shouldn't have consumed. She'd bought tickets to the Broadway musical "Wicked," which I'd always wanted to see but had managed to miss every time I traveled to Manhattan. It was a fantastic production. I loved it! Thank you again, Maria!

Monday, I flew down to Washington, DC, and I'm staying in a hotel in the midst of the city near Thomas Circle in an area filled with shops and cafes and an easy walk to several of my favorite
destinations in Washington---Georgetown, Pennsylvania Avenue with the White House and all the historic buildings nearby, Lafayette Square and surrounding Federal style row houses that border that beautiful park on three sides, Foggy Bottom, the Capital itself, The Mall. . .just for starters. Washington is truly a beautiful Nation's Capital, and I encourage every one of you readers, bloggers, or visitors to consider making a visit there if you haven't yet. You won't regret it. The city is filled with fun & educational treasures. The museums and art galleries---some of the finest in the world, no exaggeration, are absolutely free. All the time. You can browse all day and into the evening and not even leave to eat. They have great cafes in ALL of them. Think about visiting and taking your families, especially if they've never been.

As for me----I'll be writing away on my Washington, DC--based mystery series with the character Molly Malone. More on Molly & her story later this Fall. Meanwhile, I'll be working away in a city that I love---and enjoying myself at the same time. Then on Saturday morning VERY early, I will drive off through adjacent Maryland and across the Chesapeake Bay via the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to the OTHER side of Chesapeake Bay and the rest of the state of Maryland which borders the Bay southward.

Check out your maps, folks. It's easier to see than explain. Anyway, I'm staying at a beautiful inn right on the Bay for the Labor Day weekend, not far from the charming and picturesque village of St. Michaels, MD. I plan to relax BIG TIME in that beautiful setting. The inn is situated on a point of land that is surrounded by water on three sides. I intend to relax on a screened porch, or terrace, or patio, or one of their lawn chairs scattered under the trees---in the shade. All weekend. Well. . .I may wander into that charming town once or twice, then scurry back to a comfy spot and stare out at the water. . .again. . .and again. How do you folks plan to enjoy the weekend?

I'll be traveling next Tuesday, so Mary Jane Maffini, cozy mystery author of the new release CLOSET CONFIDENTIAL, will be posting in my spot September 7th. Meanwhile, enjoy the Labor Day Weekend, everyone!
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