Friday, July 30, 2010

Where Did I Go Wrong?

By Heather

Look at this. Just look. It’s a travesty, no?

Your eyes do not deceive. That is a chocolate Easter bunny.


At the end of July.

It belongs to son #2. But not for long. When my daughter discovered he had yet to eat it, she laid claims. Smart girl.

The thing is, son #2 doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, with two exceptions: ice cream and Sour Patch Kids. And I can understand that—I have more of a salty tooth than a sweet tooth, too. But to not eat a chocolate bunny? I went wrong somewhere…just not quite sure where yet (must figure this out before next Easter).

Do you have a salty tooth or a sweet tooth? What’s your favorite treat? Me? I can eat chips and salsa all day long. Yum.
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