Monday, July 5, 2010

When You Were Eighteen

My daughter was home this weekend and decided to clean out her dresser, which was still stuffed with her high school things. She came across an essay she’d written for a senior high class assignment asking her to write about where she’d be in twenty years.

She’s just three years out of college, so she has a way to go before she’ll know how accurate her predictions are, but she was amazingly dead on so far. However, she doubts she’ll ever move to New York, produce a Broadway play, and marry a stockbroker. That’s not her plan now, but it was her dream back then.

When I was eighteen, I knew I was going to be an elementary teacher, and that’s what I became. It had been my dream since second grade. I taught for six years before stopping to have children, and loved every single moment of it. Yet had someone asked me to predict what I’d be in twenty years, there is no way I would have ever said I’d be a published author. I hated writing assignments in school. Yet here I am in a career I love.

What about you? What were your dreams at eighteen? How close did you come to achieving them? Are there still dreams you’d like to pursue?

Happy Fourth of July and God Bless our Freedom of the Press!

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