Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Ultimate Symbols of Summer

By Jennifer (aka Ellery Adams)

First, the winners of last week's Save A Cat/Dog Contest are:

Julia - the cat key chain
Charlene - the dog key chain

Congrats and well done to everyone for adopting a pet. I plan to have more ASPCA-beneficial contests in the future. (Julie and Charlene, send me your mailing address at so I can ship your key chains).

Today, I'm keeping the post short. I wanted to share my five favorite things about summer.

1. The pool! Here's my son jumping off the diving board.

2. Flipflops.

3. Popsicles. I especially like a Creamsicle.

4. Watermelon. The ultimate summer taste.

5. Sparklers and fireflies. A tie here. They both illuminate a summer night sky with surreal beauty.

What's your favorite summer symbol?
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