Friday, July 16, 2010

Trying New Things

By Heather

How are you with trying new things? New foods, new activities? I have to confess, until recently I wasn’t good with it. New foods scared me, and I wasn’t that fond of trying new activities for the simple fear that I’m going to stink at it.

But I kind of had that light bulb moment that new things might be fun, and who can't use a little more fun in their lives? So, when the opportunity to play cornhole came up, I played. I think this is primarily a Midwest game, but it’s fun—especially when you’re good at it. I was (beginner’s luck?). And last week when I was on vacation with my family, I finally tried something I’d been wanting to try for a long time now: kayaking.

So, so fun. I’m so glad I gave it a try. Much easier than canoeing, by the way. I’m already looking forward to next year’s vacation and kayaking again.

Notice I didn’t mention trying any new foods. Yeah, well, I’m still working on that one. Give me time.

Have you tried anything new lately? Good or bad outcome?


Linda Leszczuk said...

Does trying to set up a blog count? (The jury's still out on the good or bad part.)

I'm almost always up for trying new foods. Which may explain why I spend a lot of time dieting.

tonya kappes said...

Canoeing in the ocean! NEVER AGAIN!!! At least the food cooler was in my canoe~I finally kicked back, grabbed a snack and sang row row, row your boat....My kids thought I had a heat stroke! (THEY were in my DH canoe)

Katie said...

don't like trying new foods unless I know all the ingredients and I know that I like said ingredients.

Other stuff like activities, I'm up for trying most things. though I doubt you'll ever catch me bungee jumping or sky diving.

Andrea C. said...

As I get older I am more willing to try new things and new foods. My husband will try any food so in the 12 years we have been together I have been pretty brave (tried raw oysters last year..yuck). I like to do new things and go new places as well, but I don't like to be dirty, cold, or in wet clothes so kayaking, not something I want to sky diving or bungee jumping I would love to do...oohh

Dru said...

I'll try new food as long as it looks visually appealing and you don't tell me the ingredients.

I'm game to try any new activities as long as it does not involve me going into water. Kayaking, canoeing, not on my life. Andrea mentioned sky diving and bungee jumping, not on my life.

As for traveling to new places, count me in!

~ Babs ~ said...

I like trying new foods as long as it is not bugs I have to draw the line there ha. I am willing to try most activities once. I have jumped out of an airplane that is the most exciting thing I have done or daring some say, but I was hooked to my exhusband. It was military family day and that was one of the things you could do so I said why not.
Tower of Terror was pretty good to do my husband kept after me to try and it and not taking no for an answer I got on glad I did.

BJ said...

I'm not good at trying new things either. I really don't like trying new foods since I'm so picky. I would really love to learn to play guitar, that's something I've always wanted to try. Maybe someday I'll get the courage up to go for it.

Annette said...

Yes, I tried something new this summer, not doing housework until someone notices it has to be done. Guess what? I am having a wonderful, stress free and relaxing summer. No one seems to notice the dust, but me.

CindyD said...

Tried a new food - made sloppy joes in the crockpot. It was the. worst. meal. ever!! Beginning to think the crockpot is not for us - everything is too bland.

signlady217 said...

I'm really horrible at trying new things, especially foods. I'm so picky and my taste buds are so sensitve that I just can't! And I don't swim very well, so anything in/around the water makes me a nervous wreck. And somebody mentioned skydiving, bungee jumping, Tower of Terror? Are you insane?? (See, I told you I'm terrible at trying new things!) :)

WonderBunny said...

Cindy D, I have a great sloppy joe crock pot recipe (lots of least everyone I've made it for thinks so) the only think that sucks is that it burns if you don't stir it once every half hour. Great flavor additions are worcestershire sauce, apple cider vinegar, hot sauce , cayenne and chili powder and important, also a touch of brown sugar.

I love new foods. I experiment with cookies all the time and while I don't always make cookies I like, someone else typically does. "Hippie" and chocolate cookies just don't appeal to me but the other half loves them.

I don't like eel or octopus. Egh. Mountain lion is pretty good... like pork/chicken sort of. Venison is only good when cooked right. Same with lamb. Never really developed a taste for lobster either.

Heather Webber said...

Linda, setting up a blog definitely counts! Yours looks great.

Tonya, canoeing in the ocean??? Yeah, I don't think so. LOL. It's hard enough to paddle those on flat, calm lakes. You were smart to have the cooler with you.

Katie, LOL on having to know the ingredients. That could ruin many dishes for me. I think the only way I'd bungee jump or sky dive is if money was involved. As in, someone was paying me a lot of it.

Andrea, you're braver than I am! Oysters? Um, no way. LOL.

Babs, you're brave too. I don't think I could jump from an airplane. I'd be petrified. The Tower of Terror does look fun, though.

Hi BJ, they have some great starter guitars out there. We just got one for our daughter not long ago--from Target. She loves it.

LOLOL, Annette. Good for you. Stress-free is wonderful.

Heather Webber said...

Cindy, I've been wanting to get a crock pot, but we have some picky eaters in the family who don't like their foods to touch (anyone else have eaters like this?). I'll steer clear of sloppy joes if we do get one!

Hi signlady! It's definitely hard to try new things. Like I said, I'm still trying to tackle the food stuff. I'm not a great swimmer, either, but I love a good life jacket. :)

Wonderbunny, if you're talking cookies... LOL. I'll try those! Eel? Venison? Mountain lion? No, no, and no!

Lover of Books said...

I love trying new foods. LOVE my crock pot. Made a chicken and rice casserole with lots of flavor.

As for new activities, umm still a little shy on that one. :)


Lindy said...

I took the plunge into writing a book--got the idea, and now I want to go for it. Scared? YES! It was hard to find a place to start, and though I still don't know what the end will look like, I know what I need to do tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Lisa D said...

I'm all for traveling to new spots and new foods.

Have to agree with Dru, no sky diving or bungee jumping for me.

I've always be a shy one so branching out has always been scary for me. I would like to learn how to speak Spanish, write a blog and volunteer at Animal Friends. The fear with Animal Friends is that by the end of day one I would probably be driving home with a backseat full of my newly adopted dogs. :-)

Heather Webber said...

Krista, once I get a crock pot I may be coming to you for recipes!

Oh, Lindy!!! Good luck. If you're writing, you're already doing the hardest part. Let us know how it goes.

Lisa, the shelter is HARD. So hard to walk away empty handed. But working there is really rewarding. A blog, however, is easy! You'd be good at it, too. If you find a good class for Spanish, let me know!