Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kelly Flynn Knitting Mysteries on Audio At Last!

I am really excited! The downloadable audio of the very first book in the Kelly Flynn Knitting Mysteries will be out soon! KNIT ONE, KILL TWO will be available August 2nd from Audible.com. Yay!!

Readers have been asking me for YEARS----yes, years----when the Kelly Flynn books would be released on tape or audio. My answer was always the same: Whenever the publisher decides to release them. This Spring, my editor gave me the happy news that KNIT ONE, KILL TWO would be released this summer. August 2nd is the day.

I just checked the website---again, http://www.audible.com/, and KNIT ONE, KILL TWO wasn't listed yet. Obviously, they don't put anything out until it's available. Audible.com, incidentally, is part of Amazon. I'll check to see if it's available on Barnes&Noble.com too and let you all know.

It was fascinating to be involved in the process of transforming KNIT ONE, KILL TWO from the page to audio. Publisher Penguin's Berkley Prime Crime, had three actresses audition for the role as narrator and actress for the book. And---they asked me to check on a website where I could listen to all three actresses read the same passage and vote for the one I preferred. That was tres cool, believe me. It was kind of surreal to hear the words you've written for your characters to say come out of someone else's mouth. :) I'm used to hearing myself read the words---but not someone else. Fascinating.

I'll keep you folks posted as to when there's a Kelly Flynn "audio sighting." Maybe next week it'll be listed on their website. They'd better get to it. Kelly is notoriously impatient. . .and I'm not much better. Ohhhhh. . .did I mention the release date is August 2nd? :)
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