Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jazz Time

Last week was filled with long-delayed appointments---doctors, dentists---and other everyday stuff that I wasn't able to attend to during most of May and all of June. And this week will be more of the same. So----this past weekend I relaxed again---big time.

No, I didn't spend the days reading . . .well. . .I did read a little, Couldn't help myself. But most of Saturday and Sunday afternoons, I chose to join many others in Fort Collins and gather at our picturesque Old Town Square. Last weekend was Fort Collins' Jazz Experience. Jazz musicians from all over Colorado and the rest of the U.S. came to perform in Old Town. The Square was the location of the main jazz stage, but there was also another stage in Oak Stree Plaza, which is only three blocks from the Square. And, it's also very close to my fave cafe---Jay's Bistro. My sleuth Kelly Flynn and her friends enjoy going to the "Jazz Bistro" in the mystery series, which is based on the Fort Collins' original. Great food, yummy martinis, and cool jazz.

Old Town Square marks the junction where the earliest two streets in Fort Collins, Willow and Linden. crossed back in the 1870's. I had just started strolling through the Square on Saturday and noticed a vacant chair available in the midst of the many people gathered to watch the musicians on the stage situated right beside the beautiful fountain. I claimed the chair and had a perfect spot under the trees and beside the flowers and watched one talented jazz band after another perform. What a treat. And a Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop nestled amongst the other shops surrounding the Square made it easy to stay all afternoon and into the evening. What a treat.

Did you treat yourself to something special this weekend?
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