Monday, July 26, 2010

The (Impossible?) Six Piece Wardrobe Experiment

by Kate

Perhaps you saw the segment on one of the morning shows about the six item clothing experiment, where for one month you are allowed to choose what to wear from a mere six pieces. Naturally, you get to pick those six.

But it got me to thinking about which items I’d choose. In the summer, it would be a snap: my favorite pair of white cargo capris with just about anything, although I find myself wearing the same three tops over and over. One nice summer dress. One cardigan sweater. One pair of jeans. Oops. That’s seven. Okay, narrow it down to two tops. Except that would be boring..... Hmm. And I don’t even have to go into an office to work.

On the TV segment, the woman chose a basic black dress and jeans to work around. Her trick was to use accessories to change the look. She admitted it got more and more difficult as the month wore on, but at the same time freed up much of her time. She didn’t have to waste precious minutes trying to decide what to wear.

Years ago, I remember hearing that Sophia Loren always wore black. I don’t know if that holds true now, but back then she said it simplified her life. I’m a person who loves color, so I couldn’t do all black, but the concept is intriguing. I think many of us suffer from too many choices. And since I tend to select the same few items each day, I’ll bet I could eliminate half the clothes in my closet and not miss them.

How about you? Could you pair down your selection? Could you live for a month with six items? What if you had only one color for all your clothes? What would you choose?

I don’t know about you, but I’m really wanting to try this.


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