Sunday, July 11, 2010

Guest Blogger Deborah Sharp

Deborah Sharp writes the funny Mace Bauer Mysteries. The third book in the series, MAMA GETS HITCHED, came out July 1 from Midnight Ink.

Here’s one of those classic good news-bad news situations. A regional magazine is coming out with an article about my latest Florida-set mystery, accompanied by an author photo. Great, right? The bad news: I’ve just seen a proof, and the author has what appears to be bright pink lipstick all over her teeth.

Some days, you just can’t get a break.

Before I blather on, I must thank the Cozy Chicks for inviting me to guest here today. The Chicks are not only great writers; they’re the nicest gals in the mystery biz. True, y’all.

I knew it was risky when the photographer wanted to come to the house to capture me in my ‘’normal working environment.’’ If it was truly normal, I’d have answered his knock in my stretchy pants with no waistband, hair un-combed, and face bare. Working at home, I roll out of bed most mornings, brew some hot tea and start writing.

I worked as a reporter for 20 years. I know that normal environment or not, anyone who gets the chance to be interviewed and photographed will put a little effort into how they look. Enter my over-enthusiastic use of pink lipstick.

It shouldn’t matter, right? Did Agatha Christie ever worry she had lipstick on her teeth? Actually, she probably did. Or that her hem was hanging, or her bra strap was showing. I think it’s the curse of a being female. Or, at least it’s the curse of being an insecure and slightly-less-than-confident female, like me.

I still cringe when I remember the day I defended my master’s thesis in psychology. The good news: I nailed it. The bad news: After I finished, my major professor pointed out my teeth were speckled with the spinach salad I’d enjoyed for lunch.

Come to think of it, maybe an extra smidgen of pink lipstick isn’t so bad after all.

What about you? Is there some fashion or appearance faux pas you relive endlessly? Or, was there a public appearance where you looked and sounded great?
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