Thursday, July 22, 2010

Falling Behind

I'm having one of those weeks. Okay, two of those weeks. A vacation followed by a sick kid and now all I can think about is how far behind I’ve fallen.

Whenever this happens, here’s the order in which things start to pile up:
  1. Restocking the larder (right now we’re living mostly on essentials. Coffee, cat food, ice cream).
  2. Returning phone calls
  3. Laundry (especially the whites because I like to soak them overnight in bleach and two Cascade tablets)
  4. Answering emails
  5. Watering the plants (I’ve already lost a few)
  6. Vacuuming (the cat hair will soon knit itself together into a bath mat)
  7. Bills
  8. Writing deadlines
  9. A trip to the post office
  10. Weeding
What about you? Where do things pile up in your life when you start falling behind?
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