Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Enjoying Summer

Yes, it's another Summer in Colorado post, guys. I can't help it. I'm enjoying myself too much. Maybe it's because I was on the road the entire month of June, except for short 4 day stints to do laundry and pack again. Anyway----I've been revelling in Summer ALL July. Simple things, too. Nothing special, really. I'll bet I'm doing some of the same things you guys are wherever you live.

You've heard my lists of doc appointments and meetings in previous postings, well---I grabbed every spare moment in between whenever I was home and ran outside with a good book. I'd settle under my big maple tree beside the secluded little corner of my front yard where no one ever saw my or I'd relax on my backyard patio in an ancient and oh-so-comfy chaise lounge. I'd be so engrossed in my reading that I'd stay outside too long in the evening sometimes and found bunches of mosquito bites the next morning. Darn. Hate those things.

Last Saturday morning, I was up at 6am and on a hiking trail by 6:30am with a friend. Early morning is a great time to hike in the summer---no hot sun beating down and all the morning birds are singing and calling to each other. Fort Collins has miles of hiking trails that wind around our city and beside our scenic Cache La Poudre river and along Spring Creek and up into the foothills on the western edge of town up to the ridge that overlook the lovely, long Horsetooth Resevoir. Winding through wooded areas beside the rushing river and through prairie areas filled with scurrying wildlife and eager, hungry hawks circling, ready to swoop down for their next meal. Our trails take us everywhere---hiking, biking, walking.

Also, this past week, I went with another friend to see a wonderful Colorado State University summer theatre performance of Shakespeare's "Two Gentlemen of Verona." I'd never seen this play. Apparently, it's one of Shakespeare's earliest works and is filled with buffoonery, clownish humor, and fun. Of course, there are two young couples separated from each other. One gentleman stays faithful to his love, while the other doesn't. And---is caught at it. By his own lover, who is disguised as a young boy. All standard Shakespeare fun. But there was a lightness and innocence that was refreshing. There were even two scene-stealing dogs---Jewel and Crab. Of the two, Crab was the better actor. Seriously. His servant-master would be having hysterics while Crab calmly stared at the scenery, at the audience, at the other characters, ignoring his silly owner. Of course, the audience loved him. Can't you picture Shakespeare auditioning dogs? I can.

Next week, I'm going to Colorado University in Boulder with a friend to the Colorado Shakespeare Festival they hold each summer. Shakespeare under the Stars in their beautiful outdoor amphitheatre. The performances are top notch. Excellent. Next week, we see King Lear, almost 180 degrees different from the Verona piece. Lear is a work of The Bard's later years, and is filled with insights that continue to have relevance in all our lives.

What about you folks? Have any of you gone to some theatre this summer? Any other outdoor productions?
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