Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Celebrating the Fourth

Wow. . .it's good to be back home in Colorado. I found heat waves during most of my June travels in the Midwest and Back East. Colorado has high summer temps, too, only there's one big difference----humidity. Colorado has low humidity which means you don't feel the heat as much. And definitely not the stickiness.

I arrived home late, late July 1st and spent all of July 2nd (it felt that way) on the computer trying to catch up on two days of missed emails. Yikes! Those things pile up fast. But I was all caught up by Friday late afternoon, and I went into serious relaxation mode for the holiday weekend. Like totally. I grabbed a novel from my To-Be-Read pile, got a big mug of iced coffee, and plopped down on my chaise lounge on my back patio and-----relaxed. Oh, boy, did I. I read for HOURS.

Of course, there were periods each day when I had to do errands or other tasks, but whenever I finished those, I rushed back and plopped down in blissful relaxation again. Boy----did I need it. After a non-stop go-go-go June of travel promoting SKEIN OF THE CRIME, I was due for some downtime. And it was heavenly.

Fourth of July's weather was great up until the point when everybody was getting ready for the fireworks---then the skies opened up and a huge summer thunderstorm took over. It poured. I hadn't left for the outdoor activities yet, so I was fortunate not to be caught out in the rain-hail-rain downpour. It was intense. I felt really bad for all the families with kids who were already at the parks and other outdoor celebrations. They had to run for cover.

Me? I just stretched out inside my house with another iced coffee and kept on reading. How about you folks? How did you spend the Fourth of July?

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Babs said...

You needed the rest Maggie after reading some of your posts I am tired for you :). Hope you can relax a bit more this summer. You are right about the humidity it wouldn't be so bad here in the south if we could take that out of the equation.

We went over to my parents and cooked out for the 4th. Then we all relaxed for a bit. Later that night we let off a few fireworks. I stayed up and read for a few hours and the rest of the house went to bed it was nice and quiet.

Hope everyone had a somewhat relaxing 4th.

Tonya Kappes said...

We were on our way home from vacay, but got to stop at my parents for the 4th and a couple days after. We spent it with family and friends BBQ and at the lake!

Andrea C. said...

We had some friends with kids over on the 3rd and watched some fireworks. Just like Maggie, I pretty much stayed in the air conditioning and read - my favorite way to spend a summer day! :)

Dru said...

You left the east coast at the perfect time since we're in the midst of a major heatwave. Yesterday it was 102 in NJ, here in NYC 99 and with the humidity it feels like 105.

My holiday weekend was low-key.

Have a good Tuesday.

Rural View said...

The heat and humidity hit here hard on Sunday so we skipped the fireworks Sun. night and the big parade on Mon. We're a couple limp dishrags for the duration. We don't have air conditioning because we rarely need it but this heat wave is too much.

Laineshots said...

Welcome home, Maggie! Great to be home with your own bed, your own kitchen, and your own bathroom, isn't it? No more hotels-that-all-smell-alike...no more hotel food... no more airports...and no more dashing around! You celebrated Independence Day by...being independent. I love it.

Linda Leszczuk said...

I am so incredibly jealous of your 'iced coffee and a good book' weekend. Mine was completely devoted to half-completed home improvement projects and designing an author's web site (which I've been assured I have to have if I hope to get published). I made some progress on the projects, got the website almost ready to launch and set up my first blog site...but I sure would have enjoyed sitting on the deck with a new book. Oh, wait. Water-sealing the deck was one of those half-finished projects. Oh well.

I'd like to invite you to check out my blogsite but I'm not sure about the correct blog etiquette on that sort of thing. Can someone fill me in?

signlady217 said...

My parents were here for the weekend and we just threw a bunch of stuff on the grill (including corn-on-the-cob, sooo good!). Mom and I did a little shopping, too. Basically we just hung out at the house in the AC. :)

I thought about you, Maggie, when our news mentioned the hailstorms in Colorado. Glad you didn't get bonked on the head with any of that stuff! (Baseball size, yikes!)

Lover of Books said...

Just a quiet day here. It was nice. Only watched fireworks on TV. It rained on and off all day.

Maggie Sefton said...

Babs---Thanks, I really did need that restful weekend.

Tonya---Ahhh, BBQ. Sounds good. Homemade, I bet.

Andrea---Sounds good. Only, I wasn't in air conditioning. I was outside on my patio on my chaise lounge. Colorado has natural air conditioning---low humidity and mountain breezes that stir up in the evening. In fact, I don't even have air conditioning in my house here, because we don't need it here.

Maggie Sefton said...

Dru---Believe me, it was almost that hot when I was there. 98 degrees and 98% humidity. Heat index of 103. Shudder. Pretty brutal.

Rural View---I know what you mean. That heat and humidity just drains you of all your energy. Bad.

Lainshots---You got it---Happy Independence Day!

Maggie Sefton said...

Linda---Boy, you really have some heavy-duty projects. Take it easily

signlady---Relaxin with family is good. And our hail was little in comparison. About the size of those small gumballs.

Krista---Quiet holiday weekends are a blessing, don't you think?