Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Celebrating the Fourth

Wow. . .it's good to be back home in Colorado. I found heat waves during most of my June travels in the Midwest and Back East. Colorado has high summer temps, too, only there's one big difference----humidity. Colorado has low humidity which means you don't feel the heat as much. And definitely not the stickiness.

I arrived home late, late July 1st and spent all of July 2nd (it felt that way) on the computer trying to catch up on two days of missed emails. Yikes! Those things pile up fast. But I was all caught up by Friday late afternoon, and I went into serious relaxation mode for the holiday weekend. Like totally. I grabbed a novel from my To-Be-Read pile, got a big mug of iced coffee, and plopped down on my chaise lounge on my back patio and-----relaxed. Oh, boy, did I. I read for HOURS.

Of course, there were periods each day when I had to do errands or other tasks, but whenever I finished those, I rushed back and plopped down in blissful relaxation again. Boy----did I need it. After a non-stop go-go-go June of travel promoting SKEIN OF THE CRIME, I was due for some downtime. And it was heavenly.

Fourth of July's weather was great up until the point when everybody was getting ready for the fireworks---then the skies opened up and a huge summer thunderstorm took over. It poured. I hadn't left for the outdoor activities yet, so I was fortunate not to be caught out in the rain-hail-rain downpour. It was intense. I felt really bad for all the families with kids who were already at the parks and other outdoor celebrations. They had to run for cover.

Me? I just stretched out inside my house with another iced coffee and kept on reading. How about you folks? How did you spend the Fourth of July?

And don't forget to check out KillerCharacters.com, our new blog where our characters take center stage and post once a month. Kelly Flynn posted for the first time June 8th, and she'll post again this week on July 8th. Drop by and see what our characters are up to.
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