Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Special Gift

by Leann

Facebook has been a pleasant surprise for many reasons. I get to keep up with my family, I've reconnected with friends from college and high school, I can see what my writer friends are talking about and what their release are and best of all, I can be friends with folks who read my books.

I'm sure back in the dinosaur age before computers and the Internet, writers got plenty of "fan mail." I do get an occasional hand-written note and that is is very special, but the instant connections on the Internet are what we have in this day and age. It's all good.

But this week, something very very nice happened. A young man, just graduating from college--and definitely not my "reader demographic--contacted me. See, his fiance has all my books. The reason he wrote? They are getting married in October and he wants to send me books so I can autograph them for a wedding gift. Does that not just melt your heart?

As you know, last week was my birthday and I received a special gift from my kids. You may or may not have heard of the "Storycorp" project. Children interview their moms, dads and others, it's put on tape and saved in the Library of Congress. There are special studios across the country, but to provide more access, there are also special "kits." In August, my son and daughter are coming with a kit to interview me for Storycorp. Nice, huh? Two wonderful gifts that I am involved with. I feel very honored.

How many of you have gotten a gift so special, so thoughtful, that you have never forgotten it? Talk about it!
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