Friday, June 18, 2010

Picky Eater?

By Heather

Does every family have a picky eater? Mine does. A couple of them. Including, well, me.

There are things I’m just plain stubborn about trying—not sure why, I just am. Things like okra, eggplant, liver, ugli fruit, lamb (no, no, definitely no, ugh, and that face!).

And I’m really picky about flavors. I like it or I don’t. There’s very little wiggle room. I’m definitely not a fan when a company decides to tinker with a recipe. For years we used Fleischmann's margarine, then one week it was different. It’s easier to accept a whole new brand than try to reconcile with taste buds that the flavor it associates with a favorite brand is gone forever.

Last week I drove to Chicago, a five hour drive. Planning ahead, I packed a package of Skittles—one of my favorite road trip snacks. I knew something had changed immediately. The flavors were different, a lot more pronounced. Color me unhappy. Now, I have zero proof that Skittles has changed their recipe, but I know. I’m hoping that maybe that one bag was off, a production error. Because if not, bye-bye Skittles. I want what I like.

Now I know there must be some of you who understand this. All you Coke fans, maybe, who experienced the formula change a few years back. Did you stick with the new taste or quit Coke forever?

Has one of your favorite brands ever disappointed you? Are there foods you just won't eat?

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