Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Inner Redneck

Yep, I've got one. I like cowboy boots, plaid shirts, riding lawn mowers, wearing jeans everywhere, country music, and BBQ of all kinds.

But here's where it really shows. For years, I've fantasized about owning a very specific vehicle. When people discuss their dream cars, you'll often hear names like BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, Jaguar, Mustang, Mini, etc.

Not me. While I was on a walk yesterday, my dream car passed by. Being that it's a 1967 Bronco -topless of course - this has never happened to me before. I wanted to run after the car like a kid clutching a dollar and trying to chase down the ice cream truck.

I saw the big tires, the shiny chrome, and heard the roar of the engine and felt like swooning. Then it turned a corner and was gone.

Sigh. If I ever make it big as an author, that'll be the car I buy. Until then, I'll keep my inner redneck satisfied by eating barbecued brisket and watching the CMT Awards on demand.

Do you have a dream car? Is there any inner redneck in you?
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