Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Heart was Speeding. What's That About?

by Leann

For me, the Word Cup is over. We are eliminated. It's just a game, my husband says. But if so, why did I have such a visceral reaction to what happened Saturday. Why was my heart beating a mile a minute during the contest against Ghana? Why was my stomach fluttered like crazy? All this for a game I never watch but every four years? What the heck was going on?

My nerves got so bad, I couldn't watch the rest of the game after Ghana went ahead in the overtime. Now that I've had time to ponder my strong emotions, I'm beginning to understand. It's old business.

My son was on the high school soccer team. In fact, he played from the time he was five-years-old. Both my kids were involved in competitive extracurricular stuff from the time they were little. My son in basketball, baseball and soccer, my daughter in gymnastics (cut short by a broken wrist) and dance.

But soccer was the most brutal on me and my son. Besides sitting through games in the pouring rain and in the chilly, wet winters, my son was goalie for a time. Oh boy, talk about pressure. I was relieved when he became a defender. Unfortunately, he got beat up on a regular basis during most games in high school. Once he got kicked in the face so hard it knocked him out. But bloodied and sore, he got up and finished playing. Oy! That's where the speeding heart comes in.

Yes, back in those days, I watched all those soccer games because I felt I really had to. Saturday, I could turn off the TV and stop the tension. That felt good even though I am sorry for our nation's loss. As for my son, he continues to play even as an adult. He loves the sport and I know he hated that game on Saturday. I don't think we'll be discussing it! :-)

What about you? Can you relate? Did your kids or brothers or sisters do this kind of stuff? If so, are you still emotionally attached to the past?
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