Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Meeting People---In Person and Online

I just returned home this weekend from the first round of touring for my new Kelly Flynn Knitting Mystery, SKEIN OF THE CRIME. I'll be leaving again this Friday. Chicago area and Toulon, Illinois. Please check my website for details. Since I'll be doing larger book events like Publishers Row Lit Fest (Chicago) this time, I'll be meeting even more people. I plan to load some pix to my website at the end of this month.

I love meeting people, so these book events are great fun for me. But----I've also commenced another "people-meeting" activity this June. FaceBook. Yes, I've finally joined. All my fellow Cozy Chicks were on, and I wanted to join them. This past Winter when the rest of the Chicks joined up---and went through that time-consuming learning curve---I was immersed in a lot of "other" business which was really, really time-consuming. So----I simply couldn't afford another endeavor that sucked Time out of my Life.

But, I always knew what a great promotional opportunity FaceBook was. What kept holding me back from joining was Finding the Time. When the other business finally finished up, I was heavily into my current Kelly Flynn mystery and also trying to balance travelling to mystery conferences. Even less time was available.

Then----I got a great idea. I asked my Daughter #2, Melissa in Manhattan, to help me. And, bless her heart, she rode to my rescue. Melissa got me all set up on FaceBook and has been walking me through it. Slowly, I'm afraid. Due to all the book travel I'm doing this month, my FaceBook learning curve is taking longer.

But---I'm on, at last! So----I'll be able to share news and book talk along with the rest of the Chicks. Please drop by and say hi! And---be patient with me for a while. I'll be slow throughout the month of June, then I hope to get up to speed in July. Wish me luck.

I'm curious. Are you on FaceBook? Why or why not?
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