Thursday, June 10, 2010

Get to Know E.J. Copperman in Ten Questions

JB: In two sentences, describe why readers need to rush out and buy NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEED:
EJ: First and foremost, because I think they'll like it--it has mystery, intrigue, ghosts, real estate... and it's funny. But also, so that I can keep this job; In the current economy, the last thing we need is another unemployed author walking around with a sign reading "will write for food."
What’s unique about your book’s setting?
The Jersey Shore isn't like anywhere else, "reality" show aside. We natives understand the natural beauty of the place, but we're not above trying to make a buck off of it. And we never say "Joisey." EVER. The town of Harbor Haven, which I made up for the series, is a quieter type of shore town--no boardwalk, no amusement pier. But it does offer amazing ocean views and relaxation. Alison Kerby, the woman who buys a huge Victorian there to turn into a guesthouse (and finds it unfortunately haunted) is hoping lots of people will want to visit. So am I.
Which character is destined to become a favorite of your readers?
I was convinced that everyone would instantly adore Maxie, the feisty 28-year-old ghost who makes Alison's life miserable. And the reaction I've gotten from readers so far was they they DO love Maxie--but not until later in the book, when they realize why Maxie acts the way she does. I have a warm place in my heart specifically for Alison's mom Loretta and for Melissa, her nine-year-old daughter. But I love all the characters, because I made them all up. So you can't go by me.
Are any of the following included in your novel: pets, recipes, crafts, or dead relatives?
No, no, no, and not really. Home repair and improvement tips are sprinkled throughout, since Alison is fixing up the house, and learned a lot from her dad the handyman/contractor. But pets would be difficult in a guesthouse, as some guests might be allergic or phobic, recipes just aren't Alison's thing (she favors takeout), crafts aren't MY thing, and dead relatives... well, there you have me. One or two might pop up, or might not. You'll have to decide.
If your main character were marooned on a desert island what one food would he/she want to have? Which book?
On a desert island? What were those people on LOST eating all the time? Wild boar? I don't think that. Alison would want the name of a good pizza place, and she'd want a copy of the book "How To Get Off A Desert Island Using Only A Book."
What’s your all-time favorite kid’s book?
I'm a huge fan of Donald Sobol, but his Secret Agents Four edges out Encyclopedia Brown for me. And I was a major Dr. Seuss freak, especially Bartholomew and the Ooblech.
Do you use the name of any real nemeses in NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEED?
I honestly don't think I have any real nemeses (not ones I've met, anyway; there are a few politicians I'm not crazy about), so no.
If your own house were haunted, what qualities would you like you ghost to have?
Great cleaning skills, tact (staying out of certain rooms at certain times and certain rooms ALL the time), the ability to talk to dead people I'd like to ask questions, and of course the ability to scare the living wits out of anybody I don't like.
What does E.J. stand for anyway?
Practically anything. I'm very open minded.
Which celebrity would you like to endorse your book?
Abraham Lincoln.
Your turn, folks. Ask E.J. a question and make it challenging. :)


Dru said...

challenging? Hmm, here's an easy one:

What happens in the next book?

oh, wait, I have another one...

Will Maxie and Paul get a chance to leave beyond the house's property and still come back?

E.J. Copperman said...

Aw geez, Dru. That would be telling.

Fiona said...

Do you think the love triangle will pan out in the future or do you think it might fluctuate to a simple line or even dot or perhaps burgeon to a dodecahedron?

Laineshots said...

What town(s) did you model Harbor Haven after? I used to live just south of Spring Lake, and loved it. That's the town Harbor Haven makes me think of.

jbstanley said...

I too wanted to know more about Paul and Maxie's future and I know it'll be a long wait until April!

I liked Phyllis best!

Leann Sweeney said...

Abraham Lincoln? Really? How about Topper? :-)

Mare F said...

I think that the book was great. How much of the repairs have you done. I particularly like the plaster issues. I've lived through them.

Lindy said...

If a person wasn't very interesting in life, will that change when they are dead? Are any of your ghosts boring?

Shel said...

When's the ebook coming out? Sorry, it's the only hard question I could think of, and it's only hard because I know E.J. doesn't have a smidgen of control over that. *grin*.

E.J. Copperman said...

So much to answer. Fi--WHAT love triangle?
Laineshots: Now that you bring it up, Harbor Haven IS sort of like Spring Lake. But I can't say I was thinking of any particular town at the time.
Leann: Come on, if you have your choice between Topper and Abraham Lincoln, who would YOU ask to blurb your book?
Mare: I've done as much repair as was absolutely necessary in a 100-year-old house, but never plaster. I don't do electricity or plumbing, either. If you can die by making a mistake, I hire a professional.
Lindy: I like to think they're not boring.
Shel: Berkley insists the ebook is on its way soon. "Fingers crossed," they say. Best I can tell you.

holdenj said...

I really like the title!
Have you been involved in a big home renovation or remodel yourself? Is that how you knew what kind of things to write about as Alison faces some fix up work on the Victorian?

Helen Kiker said...

Spooky and funny - that is a great combination.

Do you believe in ghosts?

E.J. Copperman said...

Holden--I haven't done massive work, but I've gotten involved in knocking walls down, widening doorways, rehanging drywall and renovating rooms. I basically do the cosmetic stuff, and not the nuts-and-bolts that can go horribly wrong if you don't really know what you're doing.

Helen: Let's put it this way--I've never MET a ghost. So I'm open to suggestion.

Jan said...

I loved it, I had a hard time putting it down to get sleep! And, I wrote my review on Amazon, too. Maybe there will be another ghostly visitor or three in the upcoming books! I love paranormal twists!