Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Friendships and Recipes Go Hand in Hand

Once a week, early in the morning, I meet a group of women at a local family-owned coffee shop. Sometimes there are only three or four of us. Sometimes, when everyone can make it, we might have eight or nine. We share family stories, health concerns, tips and tricks.

But it never takes long for talk to turn to food - a new restaurant, a discovered recipe, what's for dinner.

Tomorrow when we get together, I'm going to tell them about my dinner club coming up on Saturday.
The menu is Scandinavian with a nod to the full moon we will enjoy that evening (the June full moon is the Honey moon). I'm bringing the first course - Amuse Bouche' - which translates to amuse the mouth. Here's the recipe I've been asked by our hostess to present (it sounds delicious):

Parmesan Tuile & Green Pea Mint Sorbet

8 oz Parmigianio-Reggiano or Asiago cheese, coursely grated
5 oz frozen peas
1 T fresh mint, roughly chopped
1 T creme fraiche or sour cream
pinch of salt

On a parchment lined baking sheet, measure 1 T cheese, form into 2 inch rounds or ovals 2 inches apart. Bake at 325 degrees for 3 to 5 minutes or until lightly golden.

Remove from oven. With a spatula, working quickly, form into cone shapes making tuiles. If cheese becomes too brittle return to oven for 1 minute.

In a food processor puree peas, fresh mint, creme fraiche and salt until smooth. Transfer to a small bowl, cover and freeze to set up. Pipe or spoon sorbet inro parmesan tuiles and serve imediately.
It has a fancy name and I'm not sure what a tuile is, but that's the whole point of our dinner club adventure. To learn, experiment, and share. Next week when we meet for coffee, my group will want to know all the details of the dinner.

Don't you just love your women friends?


Mason Canyon said...

It all sounds great - the recipe, the group of friends meeting, and the dinner party. Yummy sounding recipe. Hope all goes well.

Thoughts in Progress

Dru said...

Sounds like you're going to have a good time with your friends.

Ellery Adams said...

What fun - your group sounds like the perfect cast for a cozy mystery!

And this recipe sounds delicious. Thanks for posting it!

Debra said...

Absolutely. While,my sister is my best friend I also have a friend I met at a job we both hated with our whole hearts and souls. The job is long gone but we are still true blue. She was the only non-family member at my son's graduation last week. It matters not at all that she is white and I'm African-American. She brought me soup and visited when I came down with RA. I prepared her resume and taught her how to use a computer. And she makes the best caponata in the world. That is Lois.

Babs said...

Thank you for the recipe I am going to try it as it sounds delicious.

I love getting together with my girlfriends from high school and college. Once a month we go out to eat and now we are going to each others house so the rest of the family can be involved. I do like my girl time :).

signlady217 said...

I just absolutely would not survive without my "posse"! :) My 6girlfriends are the best! Actually some of them don't even know each other, but they all know me. Most of us live in different states so we can't get together on a regular basis, but we call and email all the time. So glad I've got 'em!

vtcjan at yahoo dot com said...

Tuiles appear to mean something like roof tiles. I saw several recipes for cookies that once cooked are quickly draped over a rolling pin to make the distinctive French roof tile shape (like a Pringles).

Leann Sweeney said...

Sounds wonderful but I'm still not sure what a tuile is! But what's in a name? Sounds like a great time with the friends.

Mary Jane Maffini said...

I do love my friends and I loved this post!

Heather Webber said...

I only know what a tuile is from Top Chef. Anyone else so glad it's back tonight?

My friends, who are also my critique partners, get together every other week. And sometimes we actually critique. :)

Jan said...

Sounds interesting. And, yes Love Top Chef. Glad it's back too.

I experiment recipes on friends all the time, the only complaint I get is that I do too many!

Stacy Olson said...

Great article. I love reading your blog

Check out these great recipes:

Deb Baker said...

Thanks for sharing. It confirms what I've known all along - girlfriends rock!

And Stacy, great recipes!

Stacy Olson said...

You are welcome Deb! Thanks