Sunday, June 20, 2010

Favorite Author, Not So Favorite Book

by Leann

We all have our favorite authors. You know, the writers whose books you buy the minute they come out--hardback, paperback, doesn't matter. I have a few of those and I am not naming names. That's because I'm not a reviewer, I'm a reader. We've all been disappointed by our favorites at times, but then we keep coming back.

One of mine has a new release and I am seeing something in the last three books that I don't like. The writing is still excellent, don't get me wrong, but writing and storytelling are two different things. This writer has decided, for whatever reason, that the continuing characters are not safe, and not only that, they will do really stupid things that come out of nowhere. If there's a set up, if there's foreshadowing, okay. I understand. But I want to trust my narrator. And I'm beginning not to trust this one.

Reading is comfort for me, as it is for all of you, I am sure. Revisiting characters I've waited a year to listen to again is important. This latest book left me with a sad feeling, an emptiness that disappointed. Not because of the writing, but because the author has intruded too much. S/he has decided to play fast and loose with long standing character traits, ones that I thought I understood. Humans change and I like to think they grow. But I see my fictional grown-ups in this series seem to be going backwards, and only, in my opinion, because the author wanted to "shake things up." For me, the story should dictate how "shook up" things should get. In this case, I didn't see the motivation. All that being said, I will buy the next book. Maybe s/he will right the ship!

How about you? Has this ever happened to you with a favorite series? How did you feel?
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