Sunday, June 13, 2010

Every Four Year Sports

by Leann

Okay, I am a sports fan. Except for boxing and other "events" where people are punching each other. But it's amazing how involved I can get in a sport that only comes around every four years. Take the Olympics. I'll even watch curling and stuff like Nordic combined--although marathon type races do find me getting a little sleepy. It's about rooting for your country, I guess. A form of patriotism.

Today, England and the U.S. squared off in a World Cup soccer match. Since the day my son graduated from high school--where he was on the school soccer team--you wouldn't find me searching the TV Guide for soccer matches. But I was sitting there today, all nervous and excited, as the teams faced off. And so what if we tied the game--making it just about as good as a victory for us--on a goalie error. Who cares? Like they say in baseball, whether you win 16-1 or 1-0, a win is still a win. And in soccer, a tie can be a win.

But I'll bet the Brits aren't saying stuff like that. (And I do feel sorry for their goal keeper. He might not be allowed back in the country.)

What about you? Any sports you like? And what is it about these "every once in awhile sports?" Do you tune in even if you're NOT a sports fan?
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