Friday, June 25, 2010

Dinner Time?

By Heather

What time do you eat dinner? Around here, dinner is usually ready around 6:30. It has worked worked well for us for many years, but lately we’ve had to adjust dinner time to a very early 4:00-4:30 because cross-country practice is at 7PM, and as all runners know, it’s never a good idea to run on a full stomach—or an empty one either.

One of my favorite things is a sit-down family dinner—and obviously I go to great lengths to preserve that tradition. Even eating at 4 in the afternoon. The thing is—I kind of like eating this early. It’s nice to have dinner and dishes out of the way by five and know the whole evening is wide open.

This new dinner time can’t continue once school starts again—but as soon as the kids are out of school for good…a new tradition may have been born.

Do you have a set dinner time?
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