Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cozy Chick Central

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

Did you know that the Cozy Chicks send out bookmarks to our readers?  Well, we do.  There's a little announcement up on the left, and we also have a "page" devoted on the blog to tell readers about it.  (All you have to do is send an email to with your full name and address and we'll pop them in the mail to you.  But please, if you've already requested them (some people have requested them up to three times) give someone else a chance. Thanks.)

I'm the keeper of the bookmarks for this purpose.  (Jennifer is in charge of sending them to libraries.  Way to go, Jenn!)

To do this very important job, I have devoted a part of my office (a very TINY part) that I call Cozy Chicks Central.  I don't have an inch of flat space in my office that isn't covered with important (well, they might be) papers, boxes of bookmarks, books, and Star Trek episodes.  So Cozy Chicks Central is actually part of a shelf on one of my office bookcases.  (I have three--and not nearly enough room for all my books.)

I keep the Chicks rubber-banded bookmarks in a cigar box--only because it holds up a lot of OTHER papers that would otherwise fall down.  I also keep the stamps, the rubber stamp pads and stamps, copies of my books (the ones I wrote), pens, bookplates, nail polish remover, post-it pads (you know--all the life sustaining supplies), which means I have about a 12 x 6 inch work space on the shelf that allows me to put the stickers on the envelopes (Cozy Chicks and return address labels, plus real stickers--usually cats, as many of us have cats in our books.  If I could find some black/standard poodle ones, I'd put those on, too. BTW, if you click on the picture, it'll get bigger).

Since January, we've sent bookmarks to over 300 of our readers (and many, many libraries).

Have we sent YOU some bookmarks?
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