Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Chicks List Their New Ebooks!

And what's in it for you? A contest, of course! Simply post a review of one of these fab ebook titles on Amazon or BN.com and you're entered to win a Cozy Chick button and a signed bookmark from each chick. It's a win-win! You get a great story plus the chance to win a prize and the chicks get a sincere review.

Three winners will be drawn at random this time next week. Good luck and happy ereading.

Here are the titles:
L.L. Bartlett (aka Lorna Barrett) - These links are for the Kindle, but you can purchase the titles on Smashwords.com as well.

We're So Sorry, Uncle Albert
What I Did For Love
Cheated by Death KINDLE
Murder on the Mind

Deb Baker:

Murder Grins and Bears it
Murder Passes the Buck


Debra said...

I read Murder Grins and Bears it the old-fashioned way i.e a paperback and it was hilarious! The stories about Gert sneaking around and driving really med me laugh because I am known in my family as "she who should not drive" (I did have a license at one point but I won't go into how it was acquired) Gertie's friends are wonderfully too. This book made me want to visit Yooper.

Robin said...

What if we don't have a kindle?

Lorna Barrett said...

Amazon offers free software so that any Kindle book can be read on your computer. Smashwords will let you download a PDF of any book in their catalog. If you still prefer to read the book printed out, you have that option, too.

It's just another way of delivering a book to a reader -- that doesn't involved paper/printing/warehousing.

Jan said...

Cool, I didn't know you could do that with the "Kindle". I still prefer the tactile sensation of paper books though.