Thursday, June 24, 2010

An App For Homeless Animals And a Contest for You

Finally, amid all the Facebook games, quizzes, and profile badges is an app that actually enables real cups of food to be served to homeless animals waiting for adoption.

I first discovered the Save A Cat application and began fostering kitties in local shelters a few months ago. Here's how it works: You log on each day, pet your animal, scratch their ears, and send them to friends to co-foster. Before you know it, your virtual attention has earned the real animal a real cup of food.

Does it really make a difference? Absolutely! Imagine if the millions of people on Facebook virtually adopted a cat or dog? Even better, imagine if they got so attached to their foster animal that they decided to bring it home?

I know there are many animal lovers who visit this blog. I want to reward your kind-heartedness toward our furry friends. If you’d like to win either the cat or dog-themed key chain (purchased from the ASPCA) pictured here, al you have to do is my Ellery Adams profile page and virtually adopt and cat or dog.

(Click on the Save A Cat or Save a Dog tab on my profile page).

Post a comment with your animal’s name and next week, I’ll pick two winners at random. Please indicate in your comment if you prefer the dog or cat key chain.

If you’re not on Facebook, you can still qualify to win the key chains by simply telling us about an animal that touched your life. One sentence counts.

Here's to our furry companions. Good luck!

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