Monday, May 3, 2010

The Stupendous Cozy Chick Plan to Better the Economy

The set up: I returned home yesterday evening, having spent the weekend at the Malice Domestic mystery writers’ conference in Arlington, VA, with all my writing buddies and many reader friends, some of whom post on this blog. (Waving to you!)

While there, Cozy Chicks Lorraine Bartlett, Maggie Sefton, J. B. Stanley, Leann Sweeney, Heather Webber and yours truly (missing our dear Deb Baker, sob) got together for several brainstorming sessions -- a chick chat, if you will. Some of these sessions actually involved the business of writing.

Anywho, during one particularly inspired session, Heather, Maggie and I came up with a plan to drastically improve the economy of this country, and possibly other countries, as well. Okay, maybe the world. I’m not sure exactly where the inspiration came from – whether it was our own experiences with college-aged children or the Frangelicos we were sipping – nevertheless, we were so impressed with our idea that we thought we would spread the news by sharing the idea with you. And then you can tell two people, and they can tell two people, and so on.

The plan: Instead of sending children right off to college after high school, they would instead be required to put in a year (or two – we couldn’t decide) of public service. They could choose which service, (including the armed services), and they would earn money for this servitude. This mandatory stint would not only benefit society and teach them the value of a dollar, but also give them time to mature. Because maturity, we decided, was The Problem.

How many thousands of dollars are wasted during the first year of college while immature kids try to figure out what they want to do in life? How many parents go gray starting with that first failing grade? How many kids drop out, or spend six years in college, because they haven’t had time to figure it out?

The payoff: Imagine the money that would be saved by implementing our plan! Imagine the peaceful households! The heads full of non-gray hair! Seriously, this could be a whole new stimulus package. And be honest, wasn’t it lucky for the world that six chicks got together this weekend?

What do you think of our plan? Any modifications? Alterations? Observations? Any “ations” at all?
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