Thursday, May 27, 2010

Love Fest

I love my job.

I get to live in a fictional world part of the day, talk to myself, wear whatever I want, answer emails and go on Facebook whenever it suits me. I don’t have staff meetings and my only boss is The Deadline.

Even better, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know some amazing people since my first book hit the shelves in 2006. In addition to fab authors like the Cozy Chicks, there are readers I’ve never met but have become dear to me through Yahoo! groups or other social network sites. And then there are the personal interactions. I’ve met folks at Malice Domestic, library talks, and signings that I now count among my friends.

One of these wonderful individuals, my friend Loretta, works with animals and is a very special person. She comes to all of my signings and we meet every now and again for lunch. Last week, after a long stretch of not seeing one another, we had lunch and she presented me with the most amazing surprise (see photos).

She designed these pillows and her mother embroidered them. After I’d hugged her, I rushed home and showed them to everyone who came within two miles of my house.

See why I love my job? I sit down every day and picture the faces of the precious readers that have become my friends and I get a daily source of fresh inspiration.

Yes, this post is a love fest. To Loretta and to all the people I’ve gotten to know since I mailed out my first query letter, thank you!

What has someone done for you lately that had you smiling all day?

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