Sunday, May 16, 2010

Listing ... and Keeling Over

by Leann

I had two things on my list for Target this week and two items for Petsmart. So, why did I spend $90 at Petsmart and $130 at Target? Is it my revolt against "lists" that made me do this? I have been thinking about this all week and would appreciate any and all insight.

I never used to be a list person. My husband always was. I mean, I'm still finding his lists from the 1990's. (Did I mention he has a hard time parting with ANYTHING?) But, yes, getting older does do a number on the short term memory. So, I have begun to write things down. Then put the things I wrote down in places I cannot recall. Does that mean I need a list to tell me where my list is? Perhaps.

But could the lists be more evil than I ever though? Did I just spend $220 merely because I was rebelling against the need for the list? Oh, and when I went into Target I couldn't find the list in this new purse I bought. So I had to buy a purse organizer online because I actually love this purse except for the fact that it seems to be a bottomless pit. The consequence of the new purse cost me $19.95 plus shipping and handling. AND, guess what? I forgot to put "crescent rolls" on the list, didn't buy them and had to stop at the grocery store to buy them on the way back from the chiropractor. What was the real cost of the $1.29 crescent rolls? About $40. See, they had a 24 pack of Coke for $5--couldn't pass that up--and the crescent rolls had a coupon if you bought two and ... you see what happens?

And so, friends, I am wondering if I am losing my mind. Is it the list rebellion? Or something else?
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