Sunday, May 2, 2010

Google House--An Invention in Waiting

by Leann

Right now, as this appears on the Internet, I am not at home in Friendswood, Texas, I am in a hotel outside Washington DC and it's the final day of the Malice Domestic Convention. I cannot, however, tell you who won the Agathas, or better yet, who won the Button Contest a few of us put together (okay, I offered buttons, other brilliant minds did the heavy lifting) or even if I am too exhausted to walk. That's because it's really Monday, April 26th as I write this. I am NOT READY to leave and I thought of something over the weekend that would help us all.

I say, how about "Google House?" You know, a search engine for everything inside your abode that you cannot find? The things that were right where you left them yesterday and have somehow disappeared into the ether. Why is it, when you must be at the airport at a certain time--no deadline extension there--that you cannot find your stuff? Okay, my house is a wreck, but I know where my stuff is--usually.

But it's that purse you only bring out once a year, the shoes that kill your feet that you banished to the far reaches of your closet (or so you thought) and those black pants. Where in the heck are those black pants hiding? So, I have decided that some brilliant person needs to create a device that barcodes your stuff--an invisible barcode, of course--and then when you cannot find something, you bring it up on this device, hit send and you receive a message as to just where that darn purse is hiding.

I know. I write fiction and this is ridiculous. But it did remind me that I have way too much stuff. Last year, I took a tip from a professional organizer that I saw on TV. He suggested that you reverse the hangers on the clothing in your closet--so the hanger hook is in the wrong direction. As you wear and then wash something in the next year, you may then hang this item up correctly. Once the year is up, everything in your closet that is still hanging in the wrong direction needs to go. I checked my hangers today as I was frantically searching for that once-a-year handbag.

Let me say this: The Salvation Army is getting a lot of nice stuff after I return from Malice.

How about you? Could you use my invention "Google House?"
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