Saturday, May 29, 2010

Drowning in Emails

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

I love to turn on my computer and hear those lovely words, "YOU'VE GOT MAIL."  It's like getting and opening presents every day."  (Okay, not all emails are fun -- like the ones that start out, "I like it, but..." Or "Here are the revisions for your books..."

DrowninginEmail But I have a hard time letting go of old emails.  In fact, despite the fact I work on eliminating stuff every day, my inbox still has an average of 800 emails in it on any given day.

I save of a lot of these emails because they have links to news articles I don't have time to read.  So I think--I'll save that and read it later.  But then it gets buried under an onslaught of new emails and I forget it's there.

I save emails because I'm supposed to do something about it.  Like a recent request for an Interview.  Only now I can't remember who sent it or what the subject was -- because the sender conveniently FORGOT to put Interview in the subject header.

Finally, I've set up folders for the important things.  Like notes from my agent and editor; fan mail; invoices; notes from friends; notes from readers, etc.  But that hasn't really helped the problem.  Now those notes are just out of sight--out of mind.

Dial up Having this much email isn't a problem when you're on Broadband (except AOL will only allow you to have 1000 in your inbox and then it shuts down your account).  But when you're on Dial-up, as I am when I got to our family cottage to write, then AOL tries to load all 800+ emails and ain't nothing going to open.

Does anyone else have the same mail-hoarding problem?  Were you able to solve it?
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