Thursday, May 13, 2010

Botox in the Name of Research? You Bet!

I was writing a scene in my current novel and had to describe a woman getting Botox injections on her forehead and on the sides of her mouth. I researched the procedure, possible side effects, and results, but still didn’t have enough of a feel for what it would be like to be the recipient of this particular wrinkle obliterator.

I know women who’ve gotten Botox, but I didn’t feel comfortable strolling up to them and saying, “You’ve never admitted to getting this done, but since it’s physically impossible for you to scowl, I know you’ve had Botox. Can you tell me what it feels like?”

I think my Friends list on Facebook would decrease by one or two names.

Luckily, I brought up my dilemma to a nurse working at a dermatologist’s office. She told me I was just in time to take advantage of an open house and that I could get Botox for $50.

I weighed my options for about 5 seconds (in which I glanced in the mirror at the horizontal trench on my forehead) and thought, “What the heck.” I made an appointment.

Now, like most folks, I am not fond of needles. Botox is injected via a tiny syringe. At least, that’s what doctors always say. “Oh, this is a tiny needle.” Never looks tiny to me.

The doc explained that my “tiny” shot to the forehead wouldn’t produce results for 3-5 days and would last about 3 months. He gently slid the needle in and pumped my tissue with the filler. I immediately felt dizzy. It was unpleasant – like someone had injected a pint of water beneath my skin and there just wasn’t room for it. That feeling of pressure continued for five days and I had headaches when I never get headaches.

“I’ll never have Botox again!” I exclaimed to anyone who’d listen.

My husband has enjoyed teasing me. “Come on, give me one of your big-time frowns. Lemme see it. Lemme see.”

Of course I couldn’t.

My kids also loved my frozen forehead.

“Mom! You don’t look mad any more!”

“Oh, yeah?” I’d reply. “It’s all in the eyes, kids. Do my eyes look happy to you?”

So there you have it. Thank goodness I only had it done in the one spot. Now my book scene is realistic and my forehead looks like a sheet of glass. By this time next month my scowl will be back.

Maybe my character should have liposuction next….

What cosmetic procedures have you wanted to try (especially if no one knew about them)?

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