Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Books That Motivate

I'm a sucker for books that motivate me. A new self-help book out? Bring it on!

 The FlyLady taught me the power of a clean sink (Sink Reflections).

Rhonda Byrne inspired me to throw my hopes and dreams into the universe (The Secret).

Charla Krupp showed me techniques to look younger and lighter (How Not To Look Old).
Well, the list goes on and on. Right now, I'm reading Gary Vaynerchuk's Crush It!: Why now is the time to cash in on your passion.
The secret he wants me to know? Three rules. Love your family. Work superhard. Live your passion.

Gary says if I don't wake up in the morning excited about the day ahead, I need to change my life. He claims I can take the one thing I'm most passionate about, whether it's buttons or roses or figurines, and make a living at it. He doesn't pretend it will be easy. Social media will be involved. I'll have to talk up my passion online (facebook, twitter, etc), become and/or create community around that one thing I love.

I read his book in one sitting (it's only 142 pages) and I got so much out of it. You know what I learned?

I'm already Crushing It! 

What about you? Do you have a favorite motivational book?


tonya kappes said...

I just did an interview this morning and one of the questions was 'what book can you not live without' ~of course being a writer, how can you chose one? I picked The Secret! I'm a big believer in karma and the Universe. I need to check out Crush It.

Deb Baker said...

I'm all for karma, too!!

signlady217 said...

Some that I like are "Fascinating Womanhood" by Helen B. Andelin, "Worms in My Tea and Other Mixed Blessings" by Becky Freeman (actually anything by her), and "The Creative Memories Way" by Cheryl Lightle & Rhonda Anderson. These are some that always seem to cheer me up!

Heather Webber said...

I love karma, too, but have never read a motivational book. This might just motivate me!

jbstanley said...

I've never read one deemed as such, but I do read a daily devotional while I'm brushing my teeth in the morning in order to start the day off on the right foot. Wow, I just mentioned several body parts there, didn't I?

Fascinating to see what you're reading, Deb. Thanks!

Helen Kiker said...

I have never read a motivational book & do not think that I will.

Also no New Year's resolution for me.

pamela bodine said...

I am a minister so I read motivational christian books. Of course the Bible is the most motivational book there is. I really enjoyed the Shack and just purchased a book on hope by my cousin Jana Alcorn. But my favorite is God Calling Journal.

Deb Baker said...

Great suggestions here. I'm off to check them out.

booklover said...

The Shack moved me in countless ways...
Anything by Becky Freeman...she is laugh out loud motivating and embraces her "sloppy" Christianity; which I love..
FlyLady...Lord grant me a day with her in my house and the humiity to open the door!
also a book that is about "God Winks"...the title right now is escaping me. Its premise is that there are no coincidences...just God Winks, an idea that comforts me.
and my old worn out Bible...