Thursday, April 8, 2010

Top Ten List of Things Women Should Be Able To Write Off On Their Taxes

Yes, T-Day is rolling around again. With the exception of CPAs, this time of year can leave a sour taste in everyone's mouth.

It's no picnic preparing taxes with your significant other either. In our house, you'll hear "I thought you had those documents!" more than once and it never fails to make
us cross when we see how much of our paychecks have already gone to Uncle Sam.

So I had an idea. I thought I'd submit a list of things that should count as personal tax breaks. You know - a top ten list of necessities required to keep me functioning in my job as writer and C.E.O. of the Home.
  1. Weekly mani/pedis - I'm typing all the time. My nails need to be short and clean.
  2. Monthly massage - hunched over the keyboard or the bed while folding laundry or the bathtub with the grout cleaner results in sore muscles.
  3. Facials - At least four a year. I can't come up with a good reason for these, I just like them.
  4. Botox - Couldn't I just try it, describe the experience in a book, and write it off as research?
  5. Designer shoes or a purse - one pair or one purse per season - Professional clothing allowance.
  6. Chocolate - once a day. The good kind. A dietary necessity.
  7. Annual vacation to tropical paradise - Again, research write off.
  8. Monthly visit to hair salon - basic grooming should be rewarded, no?
  9. Takeout - once a week. Well, you want me to work doing my paying job and sometimes cooking and other household chores get in the way.
  10. Books - At least one a week. File that under 'required for mental stability.'
There you go, ladies. What would you add to my list?
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