Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Phone Has Landed

by Leann

If you remember, I blogged about needing a new phone a while back and I finally decided, after much prodding by some of you and by my family, to buy an i-phone. I have had it less than twenty-four hours and I must say, I love this little slice of technology.See, that's my cat Agatha Cristie on the left, which was taken with my new phone.

But buying a phone, which would seem like such an easy process, took more than hour. Part of that was waiting my turn to be offered the opportunity TO BUY SOMETHING. Sheesh. Why is it that every time I've gone to the phone store, I wait longer than if I was squeezed in for an emergency doctor visit? By the time I left, there were at least five people waiting. And that's because I learned something new about AT&T. Do not ever try to drop a line.

My husband now has a Blackberry through work and no longer uses his phone. And since the i-phone costs an extra $30 for "data something or other" I thought, drop his line and my phone bill won't change. Common sense, right? But not so. So not so. While you are in the store with a sales person, you must call ANOTHER sales person to drop a line. Why is this? Because they don't want you to and they will make sure it as difficult as possible to change the contract you once had.

No matter I was not feeling well, no matter the din in the store was approaching Super Bowl level, I had to haggle on the phone with a sales person even though I had one standing right in front of me. I stated my case after being asked why I needed to drop this line? Didn't I have someone who could use it? Did my husband's company pay his phone bill for him? What carrier does his company have? Boy, I'm getting testy by this time. All I want it buy a stupid phone. When I insisted I wanted to drop the line, I was then told, well, you will lose all your rollover minutes.

WHAT? I have used the same carrier for fifteen years, paid my bills on time and was sitting in front of what was about to be a big purchase. And yet, no, if I dropped the line I couldn't keep my minutes. Oh, the curse words that went through my head. But I was a good girl. I stated all of the above knowing it wouldn't make one bit of difference. And it didn't. So I kept the stupid line, changed it over to my old phone for a back-up and bought what I came for.

The good news is, that I have an awesome phone (just got a royalty check for my audio books so I was treating myself) and I got to keep all my pictures on the old phone. See, you can't save your pictures either. You have to go to the special "accessory store" and purchase a special cable to do that. Don't you love it?

How about you? Had fun like this with a purchase lately?
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