Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Favorite Apps

By Jennifer

There are thousands of apps available for our cell phones and I’m beginning to believe that I can only discover new favorites through word-of-mouth. I’ll tell you my top ten and maybe you can share yours with me.

WeatherBug – Live, local weather at your fingertips. It even gives you instant tornado warnings. I love all things weather-related, so this app was a no brainer.
Moonlite Mahjong – A great game to play when you’re stuck at the DMV or the doctor’s office. Followed closely by #3.
Solitaire – I like the classic version. I’ve loved this game since I was little.
iTraffic – Tells you where the speed cameras are, warns you of accidents or detours, and is a handy app for road trips. Ties in nicely with #4.
Mobile Maps America – Most of the apps I have are free, but this one is not. However, if you buy this, you won’t need a separate GPS gadget.

iHandy Level – Call me a geek, but this free app has allowed me to straighten all the crooked paintings in my house.
Showtimes – Free app for movie listings. I use this frequently when we’ve left too late to make our show or the show has sold out.
iTalk Recorder – I’m getting more and more forgetful, but if I need to add something to my grocery list or a plot idea, I can instantly record it. This one’s free.
Lose it – Calorie counter and exercise tracker. I’m not using this free app as much as I should!

Step Track Lite – Free pedometer.
Find the Differences - Sweet Shop Edition – I love this free game! You have to spot the difference between two pictures. This is a good, fun brain development game – especially for those of us losing our memories!
How about you? How has your cell phone become a daily necessity?
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