Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Drinking Problem

I like routine. The morning starts with a cup of herbal tea, which I drink while checking email and the latest Cozy Chick post. Next, I make a small pot of half decalf, half regular coffee and sip that while I write.

But then my husband's parents sent us a gift. A Keurig Brewing System. It brews one perfect cup of coffee. No grinding, no measuring, no messing with grounds. Brews the cup in less than a minute.

I was pretty sure I'd hate it. What was wrong with the way I'd always made my coffee? My husband thought it was the cat's meow. Slowly but surely he sucked me in. It uses K-cups.
And the selections! We have Newman's Own organic regular and decaf, Tully's Kona, Donut Shop Coffee, and a few more I haven't opened yet.

The problem is it's TOO convenient. Instead of polishing off my little pot, I'm brewing one cuppers all day!

Help! I'm addicted!
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