Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lunch With Agatha

By J.B.

With the Malice Domestic Conference coming up this weekend, I thought I’d pose the question: Which four authors (dead or alive) would you most like to have lunch with? Here are my choices:

  1. Agatha Christie. This choice probably comes as no surprise. The woman is the Queen of the Mystery. I have read and loved every Hercule Poirot book and most of the Miss Marple books. I’d love to talk to Agatha about how clever her plotting is. No matter how carefully I follow the clues, I rarely guess the killer’s identity.
  1. F. Scott Fitzgerald. Honestly, I’ve had a crush on this man since I was in high school. It all started when I choose to do a book report on The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald’s photo was on the inside cover of the paperback I owned and I thought there was something so intriguing about the handsome, young man.
  1. Michael Crichton. Writer of the TV series ER, novels like Jurassic Park, Timeline, Andromeda Strain. He was just so brilliant, so multi-talented. I’d love to listen to him talk about how he conducted his research.
  1. The Bronte Sisters – I know this entry counts as two people, but I couldn’t chose between Charlotte or Emily. I wouldn’t even need them to talk about their works – what woman hasn’t read them with rapture? No. I’d just love to listen to them gossip about their friends, sisters, and the available young men in their circle.
If I had a bigger table, I wouldn’t mind a chat with Mary Shelley, James Michener, Ellery Queen, or Ngaio Marsh.

What about you? What authors would you like to have over for lunch date?


Michele said...

My 4 would include:

Dashiell Hammett- he only published 5 books, but what a collection.

Janet Evanovich- I'm hooked on her Stephanie Plum novels.

Jane Austen- a woman before her time

Anita Shreve- in my humble opinion, probably the best prose writer.

And if one of them couldn't make it, I'd have Audrey Niffenegger as an alternate

Lover of Books said...

My four would have to be hands down:

Elaine Viets: With her stroke, I am wanting to meet a woman who can write so well afterwards.

Leann Sweeney: Okay I am not sucking up. I love her work and used to chat with her here and there when I was reading the Yellow Rose of Texas series.

Frank McCourt: Cause I LOVED his work.

Cecilla Ahern: Not only is she the prime minister of Ireland's Daughter but I have read so many of her books. I need to read P.S. I Love you. :)

Oh and if I needed an alternate it would be, Brock and Bodie Thoene. I loved meeting them when I was 17 and would love to share with them about my three trips to Northern Ireland. :)


signlady217 said...

Margaret Mitchell--why didn't she write a sequel?

Louis L'Amour--so glad he kept his Westerns "clean".

C.S. Lewis--love Aslan.

J.R.R. Tolkien--love the interaction of the characters; you can tell how much they care.

Alternates--Carolyn Keene or maybe Victoria Holt.

Heather said...

1. Charlotte Bronte and/or Anne Bronte

2. Alison Weir

3. Agatha Cristie

4. Willa Cather

5. Janette Oke

Debra said...

Nell Irvin Painter she wrote "The" bio of Sojourner Truth.
Martin Duberman, he wrote a bio of Paul Robeson. Without doubt,the best biography/book I ever read,period.
Charlaine Harris, I love her Aurora Teagarden series.
Blanch Wiesen Cook,bio of Eleanor Roosevelt

Margot at Joyfully Retired said...

I would choose all women for my luncheon guests as I'm sure we would all behave differently if the young F. Scott Fitzgerald were present. I would invite:

Agatha Christie - I'm re-reading all of her novels in publication order (14 of 87 done). Just started on her Secret Notebooks.Very interesting.

Louisa May Alcott - I want to knew the other side of her - the one that wrote the thrillers and pulp fiction.

Jane Austen - Primarily, I just want to thank her for so many hours of pleasure.

Nora Roberts - Another one I want to thank. I love her storytelling abilities but she owes me for all the nights I lost so much sleep. She made me keep on reading.

jbstanley said...

Ah, I should add Dashiell Hammett to my list. He's one of the few authors I reread.

Mare F said...

Raymond Chandler, Mary Roberts Rinehart, F. Scott Fitzgerald (I fully agree with you here), and Harper Lee. I didn't choose any of the authors I've been lucky enough to meet online because I hope to see them all next year at Malice.

Andrea C. said...

Such a hard question!

1. Harper Lee - TKAM is so amazing..why didn't she very write another novel?

2. Joyce Carol Oates

3. Mark Twain

4. E. B. White

MY goodness this was difficult..but great question! :)

Andrea C. said...
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Andrea C. said...
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Shel said...

Only four?? I can't narrow it down to four! I managed to (virtually) fill a table for 12 with authors for someone else's Facebook post...*grin*. But okay, if you're going to make me: Barbara Michaels, Dana Stabenow, Joan Hess, and Nancy Atherton.

Vicki said...

Wow, what a tough but intriguing question! Jennifer Chiaverini, Karen Kingsbury, Lisa Scottoline, Nicholas Sparks and Heather Webber...she sounds like such a fun person! :) (oops, chose 5!)

Lisa D said...

Great post!

1. Agatha Christie

2. Janet Evanovich

3. Jane Austen

4. Danielle Steel

Jan said...

hmmm. this is tough.

1. J.A. Jance
2. Anne McCaffrey (love Dragons!!)
3. Mercedes Lackey
4. Lorna/Lorraine/LL (you know who I mean)

Sheery said...

This post - and all of the replies - were great fun to read. I agree with those that have stated the difficulty in choosing only four.

1. John Steinbeck
2. Nora Roberts
3. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
4. Maeve Binchy
5. J.K. Rowling

See, I couldn't choose only four. lol

Valerie Consoer said...

Oh gosh! Only 4? Let me think...

1) Agatha Christie--who could resist her books? She an interesting author and I would have loved to have understood her thought processes.
2) LeeAnn Sweeney--and no, I'm not brown-nosing. I love the Cats In Trouble series!!
3) Victoria Laurie--fabulous books! Need I say more?
4) James Patterson--I love both Alex Cross and Lindsay Boxer. He is one messed up individual, but brilliant.

Alternates: Madelyn Alt, Cleo Coyle, and Charlaine Harris.