Friday, April 2, 2010


By Heather

Ugh. I didn’t quite realize how lazy I was, how slack my exercise routine had become (cough, nonexistent) until the other day when I was flipping channels and landed on FitTV.

There was an enthusiastic aerobics instructor leading a class of equally exuberant and attractive participants in your average callisthenic type moves (all the while looking fabulous, I might add). It was one of those interactive shows that encourage you to rise from your couch and launch into a few lunges.

Hey, I can lunge. I can side-step and squat. I can do leg lifts. So I eyed the can of Pringles I was holding and thought really hard about getting up. Then I sank deeper into my blanket…and continued to watch the workout. I didn’t even have the decency to change the channel to Supernanny or an Ask This Old House repeat.

I did have the decency to feel bad about watching those flashy, attractive, energetic participants break a sweat while I snuggled up to my potato chips (jalapeno flavor). Bad enough to get moving again.

And I will.


I promise.

Just as soon as this episode of Supernanny is over…

Anyone else ever watch those exercise shows purely for entertainment? If so, there’s plenty of room on my couch. I’ll even share my Pringles…
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