Monday, April 12, 2010

Launching a New Series

By Ellery Adams

Launching a new series is like crafting the perfect paper boat and then placing it gently in a stream. It's a thrill to see that little craft bob along in the water. There are obstacles ahead - branches, rapids, shallows - but you wait and watch, hoping your vessel will make it to the open sea.

My paper boat, A KILLER PLOT, takes place on the shores of the Atlantic. The heroine, Olivia Limoges, is an independently wealthy and headstrong forty-year-old. With deep-sea blue eyes and hair the shade of moonlight, Olivia is a loner. Subsisting on the companionship of her beloved standard poodle, Captain Haviland, Olivia returns to the Oyster Bay, North Carolina, the town of her childhood, to exorcise the past. She may succeed in clearing the ghosts from the lighthouse keeper's cottage where she lived as a young girl, but when a murder occurs in this seaside paradise, Olivia realizes she must stop running and learn to trust in others.

Luckily, Olivia has become involved with a writer's group, the Bayside Book Writers. Allow me to introduce them:

Harris - this sweet computer whiz is a Peter Pan lookalike. He's penning a Sci-Fi novel.
Laurel - a frazzled mother of toddler twins, she's working on a romance book featuring a daring duchess.
Camden - the gossip writer from LA has flown to Oyster Bay to research an unauthorized tell-all.
Millay - this exotic bartender who dresses in mini-skirts and combat boots pens Young Adult fantasy
Olivia - her historical fiction project is about an Egyptian concubine living in the palace of Ramses the Great.

And yes, segments from the Bayside Book Writers works will be included in A KILLER PLOT, so you'll be treated to books within the book. Even the murders have a literary flavor, as the killer leave clues in the form of haiku poetry at each scene.

Intrigued? I hope so, because if you pre-order A KILLER PLOT over the next five days and send me an email telling me so, you could win one of five goody bags
featuring a signed bookmark, a memo pad, and a poodle cookie cutter. With this cute cutter, you could bake your own Captain Haviland cookies!

Just email me at saying you've pre-ordered a copy - no other proof is needed - and I will put your name in the drawing. One winner will be chosen each day!

Thanks to the Cozy Chicks for letting me visit. Feel free to ask me any questions about A KILLER PLOT!

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