Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just Like a New Mom

My author's contract includes a deadline for delivery. May 15th. That's the day my next book is due on my editor's desk. So the clock is ticking. It's rushing toward May 15th.

When I signed this contract, May 15th seemed a long way off, but I wasn't fooled (mainly because I'm experienced now and have already learned that lesson the hard way), so I buckled right down and got to work. I have 9 months between each of three deadlines for the Queen Bee mysteries. 9 months from conception to delivery, just like a real birthing experience.

In the first months of writing a new story,  it begins to take form. The skeletal structure (crucial) starts developing. I'm relaxed with plenty of time left, imagining what it will look like in the end.

The middle months are routine, I write every day, feeling movement, but very little outward growth. It's all happening inside.

But by the final trimester, the easy stuff is way behind. I'm heading into my final month and preparing for delivery.  I grow more uncomfortable as my due date approaches.  Is my baby developing the way it should, am I giving it what it needs, will my extended family love it as much as I do? What if in the end I don't love it?
But of course, just like a new mom, I end up proud of my new addition, even if everyone else thinks it's an ugly baby.

So soon I'll be in delivery. Then I'll start all over again. I'm a perpetually pregnant woman!
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