Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm Celebrating by Doing What Now?

By Kate

True confession time. My deadline is this Friday and I’ve worked long hours to finish, so I’m going to treat myself to a whole day off by indulging in a guilty pleasure. Trouble is, I’m having a hard time deciding which guilty pleasure it should be – there are two I’m considering, both extremely tempting – but no matter which I choose, people will think I’m weird.

Guilty pleasure #1: Watch home decorating shows all day.
I am starving for this. I love watching professionals redo drab rooms, using the latest kitchen appliances, countertop materials, electronics, bathroom sinks, and flooring. Oh, bamboo, I long for you! I haven’t seen one of these shows in months. So I’ve got the day all planned.

To start off, I’d make a big pot of coffee and park myself in a cushy family room chair, remote in hand. Then after lunch, I’d switch to green tea and the sofa. Mid-afternoon, I’d move to the floor to do yoga stretches so my muscles didn’t seize up. By suppertime, I would either have had my fill of home makeovers (and endless commercials) or I’d be on my way to Home Depot to pick up a gallon of paint. (My husband quakes in his shoes when I finish a book. He knows there are projects coming up that will involve him.)

Guilty pleasure #2: Clean out cabinets. (See? I told you it was weird.)
This has been bugging me for months. I bought a juicer that takes up way too much space on my kitchen counter. I have a big, double cabinet that it would fit into, were it not for all the junk inside. These are things I haven’t used in years, or only once a year: huge platters, glass serving bowls, holiday figurines, a lazy Susan, a chip dip set, etc. I’ve been itching to dig it all out, donate or toss whatever needs to be tossed, and find room in the basement for the rest. But that will take hours, and until I get the book turned in, I don’t even have half an hour to spare.

Still, every time I pass that juicer, my fingers start to twitch. I picture myself on the floor, happily pulling out those bowls and platters and boxing them up, organizing all the other things (I love to organize) and then fitting the big juicer and accompanying tools neatly inside. And the cabinet next to it really needs a clean out as well. I could make an entire day of it, seriously.

So. Deadline in five days. Which shall it be? Or should I try to squeeze in both? But then I’d be rushing and that would totally negate the benefits of having a day of R&R, so scratch that. Should I toss a coin?

If you had one whole day to do anything you wanted, with no one to impinge upon your time or make demands, no meals to cook, no appointments, nada, what would your guilty pleasure be? (If you can tell us.)

Kate, about two chapters from typing THE END to book eleven of the Flower Shop mysteries. Woo hoo!
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