Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Green Grass and Doggie Feet

By Maggie

Springtime, at last! Spring weather has muscled out feeble Old Man Winter and is calling the shots now. I just love Spring. But this Spring, some new projects are in order at my house. Some new grass in the backyard and a total re-do of an aging flowerbed in the front yard.

My lawn guy, Mike, came two weeks ago and punched all those little grass plugs in the yards, aerating (sp?), they call it. Anyway, Mike and I discussed what could be done with the totally grass-free sections in the backyard close to the garage. Since I've always had two dogs, that means eight big dog feet have been beating up the backyard over the years. For some reason, that section near the garage has always been a favorite. My dear Sampson and my sweet Carl, both now departed, loved digging in that section, as do my 5 yr old Border Collie mix Katy and my crazy teenaged Blue Tick Coon Hound/Lab Max (SuperMax). And this year's snows really took a toll on that section. We had so much snow throughout the winter that whenever it melted in between snows, it left a BIG muddy stretch. Perfect for eight doggie feet to play in and dig around. Great.

So---now it's Spring and time to take action. What Mike suggested was to till that whole section of barren and nearly-barren dirt/grass and plant it with grass seed. Fesscue, preferably, which Mike says is hardier. Since he's the yard expert, I bow to Mike's wisdom. I'm a flower person. The front yard is lovely and filled with flowers which I plant in gardens and pots and planters. I love, love, love colorful annuals. And the grass is full and lovely because the doggies don't play in the front yard. :)

But---the backyard needs work to repair the toll doggie feet have taken. After the grass seed, Mike said he'd put up a temporary fence about three feet high with stakes all around that entire area. And the fence would have to stay until early Fall in order for the grass to grow strong enough to have a chance against. . . you know. . .those eight doggie feet.

Okay, I can live with that. And so can the dogs. It's not a big area, and they'll have the entire rest of the yard to frolic and run in. Max and Katy run, race, wrestle, and act like crazies the entire day. Then, they plop down on the cement patio and take sun naps. Ahhhhh, the life of a dog.
Maybe, if we're all very, very good while we're alive, we'll get to be reincarnated as dogs who live with loving owners who feed them, love them, and let them have an entire yard to frolic in and----you got it-----ruin the grass.
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