Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cn u rd ths?

By Maggie

Okay, I admit it. I use a LOT of abbreviations when I text. My younger daughters laughingly say I use more than most teenage boys. However, my oldest daughter texted back today that she couldn't understand all of my message. Would I please just spell it out? Sure. It just takes longer. And to me---texting is all about speed. I purposely keep my text messages short. If a message needs details, then I email. And I never use abbreviations in my emails. Well. . .hardly ever. :)

Maybe it's because I'm a professional writer. I use words for a living. Words are in my head all the time. And they have sounds. Maybe I just think of words phonetically. So writing a text message is a challenge, sort of. How can I shorten it and still be understood. And, I might add, I only text family members, and some friends. Never, ever business associates. Communication in the crazy world of publishing is hard enough using complete sentences. I don't even want to think of the mistakes that could be made with texting.

Now, I'm wondering if I'm the only one who pushes abbreviations to the limit. Here are a couple of texts to my daughters recently.

"@LAX on way 2 Vegas frm LA. How wz yr wkend?" ---or--- "B thr b4 u no it."

Do you find them easy to understand or difficult? Feedback? And please share some of your own "texting tales."

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