Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bonnie's Back!

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

Bonnie on my chair1 Early in March, Hubby and I noticed our big girl Bonnie was looking kind of small.  This worried us and we made an appointment for her with the vet.  Our first thought was diabetes, because she seemed to be so thirsty.  The vet took a blood sample and did a quick test and said, "not diabetes."  She suspected thyroid trouble.  She got back to us the next day saying, yes, it was hyperthyroidism.  She gave us several options: pills, cream to rub in the ears, and an extremely EXPENSIVE radio-iodine treatment.

We went for the cream.

Two weeks later, Bonnie went back to the vet and while her stats had improved and she'd even gained half a pound, she was starting to look at me warily, as if to say, "You're not going to rub that awful cream in my ears again, are you?"  And to tell the truth, the inside of her ears were a bit inflamed.

Thyro-Cat Several people I know had cats with the same problem and decided the best thing to do was for for the radio-iodine treatment.  "One shot and she's cured" had a lot of appeal.  We talked it over with the vet and arranged for Bonnie to be treated by Thryo-cat.

Thryro-cat is not based in our city, but they do "visit" once a month.  Bonnie had to wait almost three weeks for them to make it back to this area.  She held her own as long as she was taking the meds, but had to stop 10 days before treatment.  On April 12th, and with heavy hearts, we dropped her off at the specialty vet knowing she would have to stay there--with no visits--for 7-10 days.  I cried when we left her, and Hubby was brave saying, "This will cure her."

Bonnie2 Despite the fact we have three other cats, who didn't even seem to notice Bonnie was missing in action for NINE DAYS, it was very lonely at Casa de Bartlett.  We got a call every day telling us that Bonnie was doing well, eating well, and being friendly.  Bonnie is not usually friendly with strangers.  We figured she thought she'd been given away/abandoned and making nice with strangers might get her out of the cage.

Now she's home and would like to get back in the daily groove.  But Thyro-Cat says she cannot sit on our laps until May 4th.  We cannot pet her until May 4th.  (And we have to take special care of pet waste until May 18th.)

Bonnie2 6-08 Bonnie doesn't understand that.  She wants to sit on my lap NOW.  She wants me to pet her and brush her NOW.  She wants her life back NOW.

It feels like a long time until May 4th.
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