Monday, April 26, 2010


By Kate

It’s the ShamWow!

No, I didn’t buy one, but I was sorely tempted. The commercials are very enticing. What I did buy was the Topsy Turvey tomato plant kit, figuring that since they didn’t grow well for me right-side up, then surely I had a chance at them upside down. Right?

But after I’d plucked the box off the shelf, I stood in front of the giant wall display of AS SEEN ON TV products, wondering if any of them were as good as they were cracked up to be. The Pedegg? The Neckline Slimmer? The Bumpits? Do they work?

I’ve become wary ever since purchasing that miracle can opener that’s supposed to open cans by itself. Just set it on the lid, push a button, and VOILA. Yeah, right, as long as the cans are made of tin foil. Otherwise, I hope you brought a book to read.

I was surprised to discover that there are entire stores of AS SEEN ON TV products. I stumbled into one in Key West and walked around in a daze. So many choices! So many promises. So much money to be made from gullible buyers.

So now that I've bought my upside down planter, I'm wondering if I wasn't sucked in again. Go ahead, call me cynical. If the planter works, I'll wind up with egg on my face -- or maybe tomato. Last time I checked, however, that Key West store had closed, so I guess I'm not the only cynical one in town.

Have you ever fallen for commercial hype and been pleasantly surprised? Or have you taken a chance on a product and been sorely disappointed? And just for my own edification, am I missing the boat on the ShamWow?
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