Monday, March 15, 2010

Stupid Spammer Tricks

“Dear Kind Sir or Madam.”

Have you ever received one (or many, many, more) of those emails? The ones with subject lines like: FROM PRINCE GIVMEMONEE. I can’t imagine anyone falling for that or for the email I got today from “The Federal Bureau of Investigation” with a subject line of YOUR ATM CARD. Please. Would they really contact me via email? I think not.

But someone must be opening those emails, otherwise the spamming would stop. It’s just hard to imagine people falling for that stuff with all the warnings out about them.

Many years back, when I was still learning my way around the world wide web, I almost fell for a phishing spam that I mistakenly thought was from my bank, asking for my account information, etc. I had filled out the form and was ready to send it back when something didn’t feel right. I checked on the bank’s home page and found a warning about just that spammer. Whew! Close call. Lesson learned.

Recently, some of my author friends received emails purportedly from another author who was stranded in England, unable to get home, needing funds wired ASAP. Somehow a spammer had hacked into this poor author’s email account and sent out the letters, undoubtedly hoping to make a killing from gullible people wanting to help a friend in need.

Who are these gullible people that keep spammers in business? Have you ever fallen victim to a clever spam letter? What is the one spam that irritates you the most?

Don’t you wish there was a foolproof way to block them?
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