Monday, March 22, 2010

Puzzled Over People

(Before I get to my blog, here are the results of the title hunt contest. I submitted the list of ideas all of you suggested to my editor, who polled other editors. If you remember, the title had to marry the idea of vampires with flowers. Only one from this list made the cut. And that title is: VIBURNUM AT THE STAKE. Heather Webber – you won! You’ll be in my dedication and one of the characters will be named after you. Yay!

Now for the bad news. The other editors decided they liked my editor’s title even better. So after DIRTY ROTTEN TENDRILS, (October, 2010) the next book will be (drum roll, please) NIGHT OF THE LIVING DANDELION. (April, 2011).

Okay, on to my blog!

Something really has me puzzled. Maybe you can figure this out for me.

When I have any kind of event – book signing most typically – I see lots of people whom I’ve gotten to know over the course of the Flower Shop series, fans of the series, plus readers who’ve seen the press releases or ads and want to try a book. But not once have any of my neighbors come. Nor have any of the women I used to work with, the women my husband employs, any of the large group of women who belong to my philanthropic sorority, or any of my large extended family of cousins. Yet when I see them, they’ll stop to tell me how much they like the books.

Without sounding whiny, I’m scratching my head to understand what’s happening here. There must be a psychological reason why they never come, but it escapes me. Maybe because I’m not a psychologist?

Anyway, a writer always has to put herself in someone else’s shoes, so here I go.
Scenario one: I’m the neighbor up the street and I find out that Kate has a new book coming out next week and will be signing copies of it at the local Barnes & Noble. Hey, I know her! I should go get her to sign a copy for my daughter and . . . Oh wait. I shouldn’t stand in line to have a neighbor sign my book. It would make me feel . . .?

Scenario two: I’m in Kate’s sorority and I see her at the monthly meetings. We really have a great time together, too. How cool that she has a new book coming out! And a signing next Saturday afternoon when I’ll be out and about anyway. I should stop by...... but no. Not cool because . . . .?

Scenario three: I’m Kate’s cousin. We were very close as kids, even into our teens, when we double-dated. Now I live in the next city, about a half hour drive, and I have a free Saturday, so I could go to the signing and surprise her. She’d be so pleased to see me . . . Nah! Not gonna happen because I would be . . . .?

If you have any insights, let me know. I seem to be clueless, and for a mystery writer, that’s not a good place to be.

Kate, wanting out of cluelessland!
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