Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh the Intrigue

By Heather

A few weeks ago, my old hometown newspaper (Weymouth, MA) ran a fantastic article about me and Truly, Madly that took up a third of a page. I couldn’t have asked for better PR.

Until my husband came home last week and showed me his cell phone. Someone from Massachusetts (we knew this from the area code) had sent a picture of that article on the side of a fridge with the caption “Look what’s on my fridge.”

He was concerned someone had taken fandom a bit too far and had somehow tracked down his (often unused) cell phone number to show us just how big a fan they were. Um, hello, stalker?

True, hardly anyone has that phone number. In fact, I think only me, the kids, and my parents-in-law have that number. Yet… we have family in Massachusetts. Lots of it. Maybe the picture came from one of them?

Nope. We cross-checked phone numbers.

Interestinger and interestinger.
Yes, we could have texted back, or called, with a simple WHO IS THIS? But we didn’t want to, you know, engage whoever this may have been (hello, stalker?).

The cell phone in question is sooo old (and one of those cheapo pay as you go kinds) that the screen is somewhat blurry and there is no zoom option either, but I could have sworn the picture also had one of my bookmarks under a magnet next to the article. This only increased the mystery as not many of my bookmarks are in circulation. Hmmm.

So now we’ve deduced that the sender was from MA, had access to a Weymouth paper, had been sent a bookmark by me at some point…and had somehow found out my husband’s cell phone number.

A few days passed with no more communication from the picture sender (stalker, cough cough), but I kept thinking about who could have sent it. I had the feeling we *knew* the sender, but couldn’t quite put it together. Who would have that number?

Then it hit me. I knew who the culprit was. And, by now, I’m sure she’s realized the commotion she caused! All the pieces fell into place. She lives in Massachusetts. She had access to the paper. I had sent her a bookmark. And several years ago, I had given her that phone number when I made an impromptu trip to Massachusetts and called on her, my oldest friend, who I hadn’t seen in over a decade, for a big favor, and she didn’t hesitate to help me out…

Sure enough, I cross-checked her cell number (which was stored on MY phone) and it matched. I obviously need to give her my newest cell phone number…

Thanks, Deb, for the mini-mystery last week and for making me realize that maybe I know a thing or two about this detective business after all…

Anyone else have any intrigue lately? Or ever get a cell messages and have no idea who they came from?


PS: If anyone would like a signed bookmark, email me at Don't forget your address!
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