Saturday, March 27, 2010

Not all surprises are fun

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

Geordi You expect some things in life to always remain the same.  If there's a coolant leak, and the warp core is about to blow on the Enterprise, somehow you know that Geordi LaForge is going be able to fix it every time.  Either that, or the ship will enter a time loop and give Geordi another shot at it tomorrow.  ("Cause and Effect" one of my favorite Next Gen episodes.)

But things don't always remain the same.

Kalamata olives Take my latest venture to the grocery store.  I've been avoiding the olive bar for months.  Why?  H1N1 flu.  I read where people sneeze on olive, salad, hot food bars, and spread the flu and then you're on your back for two weeks, or, in some cases DEAD.  Being a chicken through and through, I have avoided all such food areas and their temptations.

But let's face it, the whole H1H1 flu thing was blown out of proportion, and I decided that the time had come for some delightful kalamata olives.  They're so awful, they're good!  So, gathering my courage, I picked up the industrial sized spoon and scooped up half a cup of them.

Since I arrived home just in time for lunch, I piled a bunch of them next to my ham and Swiss sandwich and sat down for my favorite meal of the day, popped one in my mouth and -- ugh!  What's that inside?  A pit?  No--it wasn't hard enough.  But it did sort of go CRUNCH when I wasn't expecting it.

Hubby bit into his first olive, and was surprised by a crunch, too.  Hmm.  Our olives weren't bad, but they didn't quite taste the same.  We decided, whatever they'd stuffed them with, we didn't like it.  So we carefully chewed around the next "soft pit" and spat it out.

The olives were not a hit.  But they weren't exactly cheap, so about a week later, I decided I really should try and eat them.  Hubby and I ate the exact same lunch -- except, I added olives to mine.

Kaopectate You just know where this story is going, right?

Can you say SICK AS A DOG?

So when I hit the grocery store the other day, I decided to see just what those olives where stuffed with.  Turns out it's garlic.  Now, I happen to LOVE garlic, but not in the middle of a kalamata olive.  And the store isn't offering any other way to buy them.

I guess I won't be buying kalamata olives for a long time.

Don't you hate it when someone messes with a perfectly good recipe and spoils it for you?  When was the last time that happened to you -- and what did someone ruin?


Andrea C. said...

Ugg! I hate that! Years ago I remember crazing a Reese Cup Blizzard from Dairy Queen (something I hadn't had in years) so my husband went and got one for me while I was finishing up some work. I went to take my first wonderful bite and they had screwed it up and put hot fudge along with the Reese's in it - while I love chocolate, for some reason I hate hot fudge - the whole thing was ruined. What a bummer!
Sorry about your Olives - I feel your pain! :)

Sobaka said...

Ooo yuck, I'm glad it was just garlic. I was ready for you to say it was a roach or something. Bleah.

For me, French fries are spoiled when they come with seasoned salt on them, and that seems to be a trend these days. I frequently used to get fries at a local diner, just a large plate of fries for lunch and nothing else. And one day they came sprinkled heavily with garlic salt. No mention of that fact on the menu, so I didn't realize it until I bit into one. But it seems a lot of restaurants are starting to do this to make the fries more "special." For me, it makes them inedible.

Vicki said...

YES! I hate change as a general rule, and that seems to happen to things we buy all the time. Our latest discovery of change was the Smart Ones key lime pie. These are delicious and were wonderfully portioned controlled, and then the last time we bought them we realized they made them larger. So, more calories...yes, and now it is just too much! You taste the tanginess of the lime more than before, and it actually makes my stomach hurt. We aren't buying them anymore.

Anonymous said...

Our favorite little (local) ice cream parlor made the best pistachio ice cream. Oh, how I would look forward to it. And then one day they changed the recipe to include--get this--PINEAPPLE. Why in god's name would ANYONE put pineapple in pistachio ice cream??? Is it any wonder they went out of business shortly afterward?

Anonymous said...

I do remember a few years ago that Starbucks changed their Chai Tea recipe. You know the base they use to make a Chai Tea Latte. Anyway, I was a big fan of the original and then one day I took a sip and was like "oooh, yuck". Since that time, I've gotten used to the new one, but geez why switch. Almost like when CocaCola did the "New" Coke. Remember that? Icky!!

Wendy Lyn Watson said...

It's not quite the same, but I'm distressed by all the "enhancements" in my food.

Mr. Wendy and I are vegetarians, so we're pretty good about reading labels ... but we bought some tortillas a couple of months ago that were billed as something like "Tortillas Plus!" Turns out they promised an added boost of Omega 3s. And when I read the label, I discovered that boost of Omega 3s came from fish oil.


I feel like tortillas should automatically be meat-free. Like I shouldn't have to read the labels on my tortillas (wheat, salt, water, dough conditioners, maybe a little preservative). I sure as heck shouldn't have to worry about FISHY TORTILLAS.


Dru said...

Sorry about the olives.

oh I hated when Nabisco changed their recipe for Ritz Cracker. It never tasted the same and I no longer buy them.

Lover of Books said...

Oh bummer about the olives. I love quesadillas. I would get mine at hooter's all the time. Then they changed the cheese and had put like pepperjack in it or some kind of cheddar with jack cheese. I was pissed so didn't get the weird cheese and it just wasn't right. Service is horrible at the one I liked to go to anyways. Why do things have to change?

signlady217 said...

My mom knew just from the taste that Coke had changed the recipe, way before they ever announced it! And she did not like it! Thank goodness they kept the old one.

Wendy's chili. I like it, but I liked the original better. Not even sure what they changed in it, but it is different.

As long as McDonald's doesn't mess with the fish sandwich or the Big Mac, I think I'll survive!

rbooth43 said...

Everyone, be aware of olives, salad bars in grocery stores. Sometimes the stores do not keep the right temperature, this is also true at reasturants. I had a bad case of food poisoning. UGH!

Vickie said...


This past Monday went to breakfast with my dad and Lady K and had what is usually my favorite breakfast, Ranchero Bowl, which is toasted tortilla, black beans and tomatilla salsa with feta cheese...O..M..G! It's so good...normally. This past Monday they added in spicy shredded beef. Which I know might sound good, but it really wasn't and was a tad surprising to the taste buds. I hope it was a temporary deal.

Jan said...

Go find a nice Greek market. They sell pitted Kalamata Olives that aren't stuffed. :)

Heather Webber said...

I hope you're feeling better, Lorraine! Yikes.

I don't have any experiences like yours (thank goodness), but I have to say as an avid Dr Pepper drinker, I cannot drink DP from a fountain (at McDonalds, Wendy's, gas stations, etc). Just gross. Except for Panera--their fountain DP is decent.

LOL. Yes, I care about DP a little too much.