Friday, March 26, 2010

Mad for Ads

By Heather

I haven’t been watching a lot of TV lately (egads—what’s the world coming to?), but since I still don’t have a DVR (am I the only one who doesn’t?) I have to sit through the ads.

Oddly, I’m okay with that. There have been some funny commercials out there. From the Progressive ads (yes, most are annoying, but the man purse ad is so funny), and the Etrade baby…definitely watchable.

But the ones that make me laugh out loud? The Orkin ads. The ones where the giant bugs are trying to sleaze their way into the house, using different tactics (delivery, car broke down) only to be thwarted by the Orkin man. They’re funny and are actually effective—I kind of want to hire the Orkin man to keep the critters outside this year.

The other ads that crack me up are the Sour Patch kids ads: First they’re sour, then they’re sweet. They feature a mischievous sour patch gummy kid who first does something horrible (cutting a pigtail off a girl’s hairdo) only to then show remorse and look bashful or attempt to make things right. There’s no real “lesson” with these ads, but they make me smile every time, especially the spot featuring the bicycle rider

Do you have a favorite commercial these days? And does anyone have a VHS anymore?
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